Mosrac frameless torque motors for direct drive of robot joints




Direct Drive Motors<br>Frameless Torque Motors<br>DD Motors Direct Drive Motors<br>Frameless Torque Motors<br>DD Motors
Compact Structure<br>Small Torque Fluctuation Compact Structure<br>Small Torque Fluctuation
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Simple And Compact Structure
Mosrac Drive drive torque motor,Directly drives the workstation plate, without adding a transmission mechanism.
High Precise Positioning
The load is directly installed on the motor and directly drives the workstation plate to ensure accurate positioning.
Maintenance free
Completely enclosed crossed roller bearings to avoid dust contact; no need for maintenance of belts, chains and other components, reducing usage costs.
High Rigidity
Large radial and axial static load capacity, can withstand load fluctuations;
Custom Solutions
Designed and manufactured for your application

Mosrac has launched a lot of standard products that can be purchased directly, and can also provide non-standard customized products according to customers needs.

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Shenzhen Mosrac Precision Machinery Co., LTD was established in 2010. It’s a professional manufacturer and supplier of DD Motors. The company is located in Bao‘an District, Shenzhen City, which is known for its beautiful scenery, with a plant area of about 7,000square meters. Mosrac Precision attach importance to innovation, advancing with the times, adhere to the people-oriented, improve technology, and continue to learn from the industry‘s advanced product design concepts manufacturing process and industry application experience, and strive to provide customers with more excellent products and industry solutions. Mosrac Precision production of direct drive motors (DD motors)in similar products, with strong performance, life-long maintenance-free, easy installation, ultra-high precision, super torque output capacity, but also very reliable performance and minimal working noise, can meet a variety of mechanical design needs. As a leading manufacturer of DD motors in the in...

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